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July 10th, 2018 1:37 PM

What does a Realtor do?

So many people I talk to think a Realtor just puts a sign on your property and lists in the local mls.

While this is part of it as a "salesperson" they are looking for a successful closing. This is not as easy as one would think. While there are several transactions that run smoothly many items are out of ones control and need management.

Many times the real work begins once a purchase contract is signed. Home inspections, termite inspections, appraisals, loan approvals ect are just some of the remaining obstacles. Many times these items create additional issues and subsequent negotiation. These issues you can add to additional delays and times for moving, closing, funds moving from sale to purchase of new home all get shifted.

Selling a home is an emotional family event and many times the human element of an agent on your side should not be overlooked. More and more tech/investor companies have gotten into the business promoting benefits of no showing and quick close. If considering any of these look at their fees, no much if any savings, and may not be getting you the best price the market would bare.

Get yourself a good Realtor and Appraiser. An appraiser hired prior to listing ensures you are pricing your home correctly and leaves the marketing to the Realtor. Price too high and the good market may pass you by. Price too low and you leave your families money in someone elses pocket.

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