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July 8th, 2019 1:07 PM

Are all golf course lots the same?


This past weekend I was golfing .  Being in real estate my entire adult career I am always looking at real estate.  I imagine I look at properties a little differently than most people, being an appraiser.  I typically comment to my playing partners the reason a Phoenix Appraiser is needed, need to promote the profession.  It is no more apparent than when compensating for a subject site, good or bad. 

In the case of a view lot much of the descriptions the public gets regarding a home is positive attributes as a good agent is doing their job of marketing a home for the seller.  Golf course lots among others can be a little tricky.  There are San Diego golf course lots of all types.  Some view an expansive panoramic of the 18th green with adjacent pond and sand bunkers.  Others view a cart path and tee box and still others, as seen in the provided picture, have no view.


The Phoenix Appraiser is an unbiased professional that takes these items seriously and will account for these differences providing their client with an accurate depiction of the site and its associated view.  Then taking it a step further and comparing it to other similar sites however having differing views.  The appraiser has to determine what a willing an able buyer would pay for this site over and above a similar sized lot with or without a view.  While appraising is not an exact science and there is not perfect formula to apply the appraiser does what an appraiser does, research.  This is comparing all kinds of sales data from the subject market and if needed competing market.  Calling agents that are active in the market and surveying is also another great source.  After compiling all this data adjustments are made. 


If you have any further questions on the appraisal process or need a San Diego or Phoenix appraisal give us a call at 888-595-0188.



June 30th, 2019 10:45 PM

3 Top Ideas to sell home


You are selling your home in the market the nicest weather in all of the United States. What could possibly be the reason you have not sold or maybe not even getting any activity?

Being in the real estate industry for over 20 years I find while the economy and pulse of the real estate market fluctuates there are a few major factors you need to make sure you have dialed in to beat your competition.

Clean and organize

Is your home like a model home in a new community? Sure your home may not be a brand new home with all the latest bells and whistles however you need to make it immaculate. Declutter your San Diego home from the walls, rooms, closets, and garage.

Landscape and Curb Appeal

When prospective buyers drive by your home is the landscape looking manicured and healthy? The plant life should be in good shape. Trim out any overgrown plants and clean the walkways. A fresh coat of paint may be in order as well. While painting is not cheap a fresh coat of a neutral color may be the facelift your San Diego home needs. Lets face it painting and landscape may be one of the easiest do it yourself enhancements you can handle on your own.

Appraisal of your Phoenix home

While the Phoenix home market has been very hot over the past few years be careful not to be too aggressive in pricing. The absolute most important piece of the selling puzzle is the pricing. For a few hundred dollars you can have an appraiser out and get yourself an unbiased 3rd party opinion of value. Not only that but the appraiser is going to be able to verify the home is marketed at the appropriate square footage and point out some marketing features you may not have considered. The Phoenix appraiser may also be able to let you know some issues which may arise when that buyer does come through with an offer. In a hot market the appraisal will get you the realistic number so you do not get tempted to chase every crazy offer that comes in which ultimately cannot obtain financing as the Lender’s appraisal may not support the amount needed for funding. Putting you right back on the market and maybe at a point when there is now more competition or less desirable market conditions to deal with.


While these three basic ideas are not new they are the most important. Get them all right at the beginning and you definitely have yourself setup for success.

Call us if you need any questions answered at 888-595-0188.

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January 27th, 2018 3:45 PM

Ever order an appraisal? 

What does it typically cost? 

By Paul Johnson ~ Sun Point Appraisal

Today we are discussing appraisals of real estate.  There are many different types of real estate and related appraisals reports.  The cost of the exact type of report you are requesting varies based on the complexity of both the real estate itself and the report you are requesting. 

In the appraisal industry the appraiser has to estimate the scope of work and amount of time required for what is being requested.  If for example someone wants an appraisal on a 2000 square foot home on a 1/4 acre in a tract home subdivision in an area that has a good deal of transactions this may not be too difficult.  However appraising a 2000 square foot home on 10 acres with a barn, irrigation rights, and on well and septic in a market with low density housing and very few annual transactions will typically be more complex.

Residential Appraisals

A standard residential appraisal (meaning not complex) of a home in a Metro Phoenix location, for example, should be $350 to $450.  This would include a general purpose report for a individual or a 1004 FNMA report for financing, most likely.  These reports are on a preprinted form with information regarding your home on the first page followed by how it compares to other similar properties in the market that have sold on subsequent pages. 

Commercial Appraisals

Commercial appraisals are typically three times this amount $900 to $3,000 to start and written in a narrative format, sometimes as many as 100 pages. Larger scale projects may be significantly higher. The level of detail and associated cost is based on the scope of work requested.  This is determined by what the purpose of the appraisal is and the required scope of work required. 

Appraisals For Financing

When you are paying for an appraisal through a bank or lender you may end up paying much more.  Industry regulations have imposed a required barrier between a person originating your loan (loan officer) and the appraiser, in most cases.  A lender can have a in house appraisal department set up to perform this function or an Appraisal Management Company (AMC) is hired to play the middle barrier party.  This will typically result in added costs of $75 to $200 to your appraisal netting a total appraisal cost closer to $450 to $550 for a standard non complex FNMA 1004.

Quotes Vary

Quotes will vary based on supply and demand.  In a populated Metro location there will be many more appraisers than in a rural area.  Different markets are busier at different times of the year and current housing market conditions.

Your best bet is call a few different companies  You will find some may not be good to answer or even return your call and others may have no or bad reviews. So choose an appraiser that has experience and is available to answer questions before and after the appraisal.

Hope this is helpful and if you need any more information on a cost for an appraisal let us know.

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